Worst pick up line in the books?  Yes. Did it do it’s job?  We hope so. Our team understands that marketing solutions should capture its audience and elicit a response.

LI•BRA. [le-brə] n.  The seventh sign of zodiac represented by a pair of scales; considered the goddess of balance and truth.

Casey Zulandt [Zü-lan-t] n. Owner, Creative Director

Casey Zulandt

Libra’s are known for their creative side, and Casey sure fits the description. She received her BFA degree with a focus on Graphic Design from Bowling Green State University. Prior to founding Ten10 Design, Casey spent time as a web designer for one of Cleveland’s Fortune 500 companies, developed and sourced product packaging for a local distributor, and held a position as Art Director for the Army Healthcare brand. Casey later earned her MBA at Ursuline College where she focused on Marketing and Management. Her expertise in design, branding, marketing and management have helped our clients elevate their brand by developing strategic marketing and design solutions.

Joe ZulandtJoe Zulandt
[Zü-lan-t] n. Print and Sales Director

Joe is the lead sales and print consultant and is more analytical when it comes to print, promo and design. He’s eager to help you find a solution to any project and you’ve never met anyone who takes more pride in knowing the weight of a paper than this guy.